Saturday, 24 March 2007


This is Pollux, a black cat. Most people think that a black cat is ominous, but for some of us, a black cat means a new beginning.

I saved this cat almost a month ago, and Droo and I scoured around Bangkal to search for a potential owner. Neither of us could keep the precious thing, for our bosses (my guardian and Droo's grandparents) don't like having cats around.

So we went to Christopher's house in Palanan to hand the cat over to him, cos Tophe (yes folks, with an "h") wanted to have a cat to play with. (This photo of Pollux was taken by Tophe and he submitted it to me on Friendster.)

(Anyways, Tophe said that Pol's fave food is milk with breadbits. Hahahahahah! Instant Cereal!)

Droo and I are so happy to have Pol with Tophe (and with us, o'course!). We gave the little fella a new home. =)