Saturday, 24 March 2007

Peer Support

My bestfriend is supporting me by giving me advice over at Y!M.

Dee Panda: so if ever man nagskandalo sila dun
Dee Panda: tignan mo na lang
Dee Panda: at wag kang mag mukang kawawa
Dee Panda: NIZZIE HA
Dee Panda: t-------------- yan
Dee Panda: dapat kase pag nagkikita kayo
Dee Panda: kasama ako eh
Dee Panda: ngumiti ka na lang
Dee Panda: at wag kang magpaapekto
Dee Panda: magmuka kang sosyal
Dee Panda: sila iniisip nila showbiz buhay
Dee Panda: hinde
Dee Panda: dapat ikaw hinde
Dee Panda: cheap sila kase super wala silang alam sa buhay
Dee Panda: unlike us AB students

Drew says it right. Di naman talaga showbiz ang buhay. To add that up:

Francoise Esquivel: Life is not all glamour and fame, like the pages of Meg and Candy.

There are just some people who are blinded by the klieg lights and shimmering gowns and glam makeup. It is not right for us to think that society tells us what to do, what to eat, and what to dress up through these good-for-nothing actors and actresses and the media. They're like lab rats who are being experimented.

As for the younger people who think that beautiful is all shimmering gloss, Candy Mag, and boys, I don't what to do with you kids. You seem to be addled with what society dictates you to do.

It all ends with consternation.