Sunday, 11 March 2007

Amid the noise, the news, and the ceaseless chit-chatting comes a day that will just come by...and that day's my birthday.

(Like it's a big party, duh.)

My birthday has become an ordinary day when I turned 16. When I turned 17 I just went out with my closest friends to SM MegaMall to ice-skate. (The plus stuff was: I didn't have to pay for the fare going to the mall...Droo's mum drove for us going there!)

That never repeated. When I turned 18 there was s'posed to be a party but Dad was going to leave for London and Jordan that it was great that Dad did attend my graduation. Another plus: my closest friends were there.

From left: Chona, Droo, Bells, Ylva, and Me at my Grad (taken by Dad)

See that? :D After the ceremonies we went to Droo's house in Makati for me to change into my casual attire, then we headed off to Greenbelt 3 to dine out. We ate at Cafe Bola. :D

Anyhoo, going back...right before I turned 18, something happened. My phone got snatched in broad daylight. Nervous laughter...nervous laughter...then poof! I was robbed blind. 6 days later, it was my birthday, then 2 weeks later, Graduation. Shooosh.

But it was okay.

Now that my birthday's on the 16th (this Friday), I am raring to get myself back. I am turning 19 this year. I feel like I am getting old by the minute. (Ngeee...)