Friday, 5 January 2007

Happy New Year: New Year, New You

For it to materialise, sometimes your inner self has got to relax. Take this example: laying your old mean self to rest.

A few days ago I found myself sitting beside a pained, presently problematic classmate who I just "visited". Ditto for the word "visited": I ran to his house (which is a stone's throw from mine) just to see if he's alive. Some jerk had made a bad prank about him through SMS, saying that 'he and his brother met a tragic accident...blah blah'.

So this classmate of mine went on ranting about himself till late evening, when my brain cells wanted to chill; I was fixing my disaster-zone study table so I couldn't relax, then my classmate just spew the hell outta him...

While I was at his house, he was telling me things like 'he's feeling bad about another classmate of ours' and that he 'couldn't take somebody's attitude towards him anymore'...things like that. What struck me is this: he wanted to get his mean self back.

Let's face it, I myself had faced a similar situation. My old friends back at my Alma Mater of 10 years were feeling bad about me cos I 'changed'. I, on the other hand, was feeling bad with some people in my new school. Those kids had dissed me a few times into my first few days in that school. I had to open up to this: that I had to accept the new environment around. But accepting the environment around you doesn't mean I had to forget my old friends. I was so preoccupied with having new friends around...and I returned to my old chums when the big prob broke out. And they accepted me with open arms, though. :)

I was able to get my old, cynical (just kidding) self back in no time. :)

Going back to my classmate's prob, I told him that he should accept his new world (cos he was claiming that he doesn't recognise himself anymore) and get on with it. He said no. Being the easily-stumped person that I am, I just shut my mouth to just prevent me from saying negatives about not taking his new world with open arms. Best that he could do is that in College, your life is back to square one (if you get what I mean).


Dude, this is no High School where you can diss people one after the other. College may seem to be a rat race later in the future but just calm yourself. Being mean doesn't do any good to everyone. It's not healthy. You might go psycho when that happens.


New Year. 2007.

I suppose that I'll just have to see what's about to happen before I jump in. 2006 has been a weird year for me.

I hope that 2007 will be a brighter one for me and you. :) Peace.