Friday, 8 December 2006

0. Your Mood?
--> halo eh. uh I'm feeling so nervous about...nothing. also, I am feeling stupid about attending NSTP.

1.Popularly known as?
--> Nizzie or Noish.

2. AGE?
--> 18

--> 16th of 3rd, 1988

--> Pisces

5. Who is your cutest friend na girl?
--> Si Drew, kahit she doesn't find me 'cute'.

6. Can't live without... (thing)
--> something that can make me smile, ultimately.

9. Choice music?
--> electronic sounds do good to me, and uh...classical music.

10. Food trip?
--> I eat veggies, and pasta. Meat? Sometimes.

11. Fantasy female/male?
--> somebody who can make me laugh and smile.

12. What kind of girlfriend/boyfriend
are you?
--> 'makulit' daw ako! :P

13. What will make you fall for a
--> when the guy is witty.

--> self-centered freaks

15. If you had a million bucks, what
would you buy first?
--> a book.

16. Longest time you've ever spent on
the phone?
--> 6 hours

17. Did you get tired of it?
--> My ears were smokin'!

18. The one thing you try to do
--> I wake up to do my morning routines, then I go to skool. Pag walang pasok, I just read when I wake up.

19. Vegetables or fruits?
--> Veggies.

20. Favorite soundtrack?
--> Uh...di ko alam. :(

21. Night out or night in?
--> Both. When I feel like goin' out, then that's fine, same goes for night-ins.

22. What's scarier, ghosts or aliens?
--> Ghosts na lang.

23. Finish this sentence: If I could
be anyone in one day i...
--> I would be Stephen Colbert and be a smart guy who can make us laugh and realise issues at the same time.

25. what happened on your last
--> uh...I was sort of...erm, my phone got snatched days before my birthday...and uh...:(

26. Yesterday?
--> went out with my boyfriend Keekuu to buy a present.

27. Last weekend?
--> I spent the whole time at home alone, watching movies.

28. Last X-mas?
--> I was alone. Went to London.

29. Last New year's eve?
--> was thinking about my Mum, it's her birthday.

31. Last Valentine's day?
--> wala. I don't give a damn about Valentine's Day, whether I'm taken or not.

32. What's the last thing you ate?
--> siomai.

33. Thing you drank?
--> H20.

34. Thing you wore?
--> my Lyceum P.E. shirt and boardshorts.

35. Last place you went to?
--> Robinsons Place Ermita.

36. Last person you saw?
--> Koko.

37. Last person u talked to
--> Myself.

39. Last person you've sent a msg on
--> Sherry Ann Ang.

40. Last song you heard?
--> I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

41. Right this VERY SECOND what are you
--> nuffink.

43. What are you wearing?
--> St. Scho batch shirt and capris.

45. Any shoes on?
--> white Adidas sneakers

46. Listening to?
--> a rock song by I-don't-know-who

47. Talking to anyone?
--> Nope.

48. Are you a vegetarian?
--> sorta.

49. Are you a BITCH?
--> sabi nila. ewan.

50. Are you artistic?
--> it depends.

51. Do you write poetry?
--> I do.

52. Are you a fast runner?
-->Yeah...when late for skool.

53. Can you ski?
--> Nuh-uh.

54. Did you ever cut a barbie doll's
--> Nope. But I beheaded a Barbie doll.

55. Are u naughty?
--> Uh-huh.
56. Ever done something stoopy this
--> what's 'stoopy', anyway?

57. Did you regret it?
--> er...ano nga ang 'stoopy'?