Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Some Quiz I Picked Up on Friendster

1.Last person who wrote you a testimonial?> Yung bandang Acid Drop. <333>
2.Last movie u watched?> "Deck the Halls".
3.What do people first notice when they see you?> It's either my eyeglasses, my nail-polish-bombarded fingernails, or whatever I bring with me.
4.Do you like peanut-butter?> I used to hate that stuff. Now, I'm hooked with it!
5.Most memorable place?> Caylabne Bay, Ternate Bay, Cavite...and whole lot more places.
.6.Do you read comics?:> I do! <333>
7.What's your favorite restaurant/s?> Hmmm...erm, Cafe Bola and Bubba Gump. Tokyo Cafe, too. <3
8.Do you have enemies?> I do. And she hates me now.
9.You like to go out grocery shopping?> Yeah. Cos I do seldom do that.
10.Can you dance?> Uh yeah. Methinks.
11.Do you believe in God?> I do.
12.First thing to do when you wake up tomorrow?> Look at the time.
13.Where are you right now?>In front of the PC.
14.Your name spelled backwards...> Enahrzin. (Darn!)
15.Where were you born?:> Makati City.
16.What is the last thing you downloaded?> The Subic Rape Case news.
17.Are you rich?> Dunno. Some people do say that I am. But...on the other hand: "rich" in what sense? O.0
18.Are you registered to vote?> Not yet.
19.Do you have a car?> I'mma borrow my Dad's sedan. Or my Mum's truck.
20.Do you like rollercoasters?> I could've died.
21.Chattin with...?> Nobody.
22.Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?> Neither. I'm pretty scared. But I know sky diving's fun, though.
23.Are you shy?> There are times that I get shy.
24.Do you think you're popular?> I am not. Apparently.
25.Chips or popcorn?> Chips, dude. Popcorn's just annoying.
26.Are you a good cook?> Nope. :(
27.Best thing in the world?>Uh...there are lots of 'em.
28.Have you ever broken a bone?> Almost. At a soccer game.
29.Have you ever won a trophy?> Nuh-uh.
30.What is your favorite board game?> If it's a PC game, it's gotta be Sims 2.
31.Do you bake cakes?> Pwahahahahah!
32.Last thing you bought at a pharmacy?> Uh, a nail polish?
33.Do you believe in love at firstsight?> Uh...
34.Whats your favorite song right now?> "Love You Lately" by Daniel Powter and "Love Like Winter" by AFI. This one too: "The Zookeeper's Boy" by Mew.
35.How many pairs of shoes do you own?> 12 pairs. Four of 'em are sneakers. The rest are leather.
36.Last song stuck in your head?> "Love You Lately".
37.Any pets?> My family owns a cat and some dogs.
38.Worst Local TV show as of themoment?>Those soaps on local TV. For some reason.
39.Color of most clothes you own...> Black and Red. (Don't worry, I am investing on other colors lately!) 40.Whose picture(s) do you carry inyour wallet?> Uh, pix of my friends and Keekuu's. <333