Sunday, 3 December 2006

Bother! Bother!

Pshaw! :(( This is lame, though. All I wanted is to have a good sense of humour. Duh. Like, what are the odds of being un-funny? (What a word.) I'm just your old-fashioned kid wearing rectangular frames. People around me are just insecure, they're even unsure about themselves and the world around them.

Just like when I was at a new school. One lame kid there was cocking her eyebrow at the sight of me wearing plaid...I was just there standing, introducing myself. It was NEVER my fault to be filed under "weird kids". I was reared that way, my thoughts are THAT way, and my life is just way different from that kid. Two years later, that same kid (the one who was cocking a thick eyebrow) is now TRYING so hard to establish her own image. Just cos she got hooked with a 'metal' boy.

That kid never thought or knew about culture and the arts. Poor her, now that she's not being herself anymore. And now she's blaming me for something. BOO YOU, HAIRBOY!