Sunday, 28 January 2007

Cunning linguist, fell for the first time.

I am doing this crap entry on an empty stomach. Hah.

This might be the only entry that I've written na walang laman ang stomach ko, grrr.
Oh well, it's my job to keep things out of hand, like this one. I spent the last 5 hours surfing the net, with fixing my sites in my cloudy gray matter. Then I am spending of what I have left. Just letting you guys know.

As for the kids out there who have been seeing me around town and in school: You guys make up a large part of my heart. Lorl. People like you who tend to bug me with SMS are way cooler than most normal people I've met along the way, than those people who first thought that being out of the norm is illegal. (Shame on those crackpots who cocked their eyebrows when they saw me or my friends.)

Anything goes, as they say. But I am not the type of person who goes out unnoticed. Everything that's on me, they notice. Eevrything that I say, they point out. Gah.
Sometimes I feel wrong about myself. That's why I lose in debates. (Sorry guys.)

I am getting so worried about myself not typing a letter for the outreach. :( Gah. I am getting lazy with this. All I wanted to do is to do blog entries and fix my sites with dizzying HTML 24/7 (only when I'm online).