Tuesday, 6 February 2007


Come on! ???
I have been trying to save money for the past few days and nothing happened. So much for keeping a so-called "Magic" wallet.
Anyhoo, there had been so many activities last weekend, 'cept that I stopped running around on Sunday. I watched WWE Royal Rumble last Saturday and went to CSB and UST yesterday.
Mas importante yung visit ko sa CSB and UST yesterday cos I visited my close friends! Nothing compares to seeing your long-lost friend sporting a new hairdo that she calls "palong ng manok", or seeing your bestfriend beating you up hard. They're so natural and so silly that we end up stuck together.
My two friends and I spent the whole afternoon eating, talking, laughing, beating each other up, and watching a fun football game. Spending time with them is always exciting.
What else?
Midterms na namin ngayon. I just finished my English midterms, todo-sulat ng paragraphs (inductive, deductive, hinted) at ng mga topic and clinching sentences. Oh well, these sentences can just cause you extreme brainfry.
Business Math. Oh the nonstop computation and endless formulas. Another cause of extreme brainfry. Might they add ultra-difficult Math and Calculus, these two will knock me out cold.
What I love is Biology. Even if it's obviously basic, I just love it. Never have I learned to fancy human organs and cell division in my entire waking life. Ayoko ng Bio back in Sophomore year, all I did was to make use of 2 boring hours sleeping and writing and doodling and talking. :D It was the least I can do while enduring a droning discussion.

Just that muna, JPL (Jose P. Laurel) midterms na in 20 minutes. :D