Thursday, 12 April 2007

I effin got my grades, yes.

Holy smokes. I just got my grades! :D I'm pleased to say that I have no failing grades whatsoever. The lowest I got was 3.00--- in Business Math! *whew*

I'm very much at home with having good grades than being so overly-conscious with it. I feel bad over those people who get so paranoid when a 3 or a 2.75 comes out. It's so annoying. And I don't give a darn if there are honor students around me...they're still humans like us but they look down to certain people. They treat these certain people like insects.

Anyhoo, back to the topic. The highest I got was Filipino and NSTP. NSTP?!? Holy---! C'mon, if it weren't because of the darned ringbind project then I wouldn't have it. (thanks Prof. Panti...:D) HAHAHAHA. As for Filipino, I guess it was sheer luck. I don't do good in that subject, really. Filipino bores me a lot, most especially when your Prof did nothing but ask for monetary contributions and when exams week comes, she'd tell you to make a darned reviewer! :(

Now that I have my grades report with me, I'm off to school to enroll for summer classes. Much better to keep me effin sane.