Saturday, 31 March 2007

Nuffink Much but...*in a Brokeback Mountain mode*

I was busy scouring for Mew (the Danish band) images online when I chanced upon this on DeviantArt (yes folks, I do have a DA account)! It's a beautiful wallpaper image of Jonas Bjerre (Mew vox) and Silas Graae (Mew drummer) from a magazine! If you could look closely at Jonas (the one behind the long-haired Silas), his eye makeup's like that of a lady's (well, that is a wonderful way to highlight Jonas' beautiful eyes!)!

Oh by the way, I am in dire need of the image in the magazine page or just the image posted online. Please help meeeeeeh! :)

I am very much in love with these two guys~! And with the band too. :D

Mew. Mew.

They hail from Hellerup, Denmark. The band was formed in 1991 (please correct me...)as it was done as a school project. Jonas Bjerre (vox), Bo Madsen (guitars), Silas Graae (drums) make up the band. Johan Wohlert was a former member, having left Mew to spend time with girlfriend Pernille. :D

Rewind to last year. I was watching MTV and I saw Mew! *melts* Then the VJ twins (May and Choy were they?) were interviewing Jonas and Bo. I didn't like how the twins interviewed them...Jonas looked embarrassed! Well actually Mew has been around for a long time, and I have been a fan of theirs eversince. :D I hope they could play live here in the Philippines! I'll save up for them! :D I have dropped a comment over at their MySpace site ( and uh...drooled over at an image of Silas. (Teehee...sorry guys...)

(The image above is by blackcadillacs of DeviantArt. :D)