Monday, 5 March 2007


Okay so who said I like eating fish?

Darn, I never preferred eating fish! Any fish that's being eaten, I just can't stand seeing 'em on plates or even tasting them. There are two things why.

Number One: for me, they don't taste good.

Number Two: and I'd rather see them swim freely.

I never liked fish because they taste weird. I remember that as a kid I tend to barf out after eating fish. Mum would yell at me not to do it, and I would yell back that "I hate fish" then I'd sulk. From there, Mum would prepare fish for, telling me that it's chicken. Hah! I could tell if it's fish or chicken! My grudge against eating fish started there. What I don't approve of is eating Picadillo (Tambakol with Gata)...I'd take water and french fries instead.

Yes, I'd rather see them swim freely than being garnished on plates. I told my Dad once that I should advocate "STOP EATING FISH". Then Dad replied, "Anak, they really should be eaten."

Then a smile from Dad.

Awwww man.

Or, ganito na lang: "NO TO OVERFISHING". Yun lang. See, tumataas ang bilihin sa North ng caviar kasi unti-unting nawawala na ang Beluga Sturgeon! Madami na rin ang nagrereklamo dahil the prices are getting higher dito sa Pilipinas.

Oh yes. Here's another one: NO TO WHALING. Kawawa naman ang mga mammalian friends natin underwater! Just recently, Greenpeace had to stop a Japanese whaling vessel in Antartica. The Japanese didn't budge. Ano na naman ang gagawin nila sa whales? Whale oil? Or new-style sashimi?