Saturday, 3 March 2007

Exposure! At School: Politicians *yawn*

I've noticed that since it's campaigning period, everything is going nuts. Everything is shiny. Some days back, Migz Zubiri went to our university to be the inspirational speaker for the Legal Studies seminar. Then yesterday evening, Noynoy Aquino was there watching Mr. and Ms. Lyceum!

(Okay, is there any subliminal message to it?)

It would be okay if they dropped by to remind everyone to VOTE WISELY. Zubiri's visit was just good, at least he made us think about the environment. (Or so we think...) It's also a good thing that there are politicians like him who backs up the environment. <3333 Anyhoo, as for Noynoy...I don't remember anything that he backed up, aside his younger sister Kris...oh yeah, he's the governor of Tarlac! Maybe he did well in their province. I don't know.

Exposures. Pshaw.