Friday, 23 February 2007

Let them eat cake! ~~

[i]"S’ils n’ont plus de pain, qu'ils mangent de la brioche."[/i]

That's French for "If they have no bread, let them eat cake!"

If you guys are familiar with this quote, then you've probably chanced upon Maria Antonia Josefa Johanna von Habsburg-Lothringen, or simply the ill-fated Marie-Antoinette. is sorta obvious that I am currently hooked on reading stuff about her, for she is very interesting and that many people misunderstood her. People regard her as an extravagant queen who spends money like mad, and that she was found mingling with know what I mean.

For me, I see her as a normal girl. Just that. Hey, how does it really feel to be married off to a fat, shy Dauphin at a young age, and to be sent off to a faraway land called France? Possibly what her detractors called her attitude as "unbecoming" is a manifestation of her homesickness and boredom.

What puzzles me is that she was accused of being a lesbian! Hey, erm, this issue is just like Abraham Lincoln being labeled as "gay" for he addressed "Yours forever" to a good friend. Showing devotion, care, and love isn't gay, but if you are very promiscuous then you gotta do something to fix it.

The quote at the beginning of this entry is claimed to be a joke that Marie-Antoinette told...or so it was.